The Metrics API is used to publish important business metrics from your system that you want displayed in the Calixa UI. Metrics are stored on a per user, account, and company basis and can be flexibly aggregated. Metrics can be added to any custom Calixa Dashboard or Report.

The Metrics API supports cumulative metrics . These are metrics where Calixa stores the values that you send and then you are able to flexibly sum the values over different time ranges. A good example of a cumulative metric is Revenue.

There are two steps to use the Metrics API:

  1. Create a metrics object → A metric object describes what type of metric you want Calixa to track. It needs to exist first before you can publish values to Calixa.

  2. Publish a metric value → Next, you publish the value you want Calixa to track. When you publish to a metric, you need to also specify which account or user the observation applies to and a timestamp.