What is Calixa?


Calixa is a product-led sales platform that helps you turn free signups into paid or upgrading customers. By using product data in your sales process, sales reps can convert 5x more leads and close more revenue.

You can use Calixa to find and engage with sales-ready users.

  • Get alerts when accounts/users are ready to buy or upgrade
  • Contextualize outreach with product insights that yield more impactful conversations
  • Score and visualize engagement based on usage, conversation and company data
  • Eliminate workflow steps by kicking off Salesloft and Outreach cadences without switching tools

Our job is to enable you and your team with the product insights needed to sell efficiently. We’ve done this for product-led companies, like Netlify and Voiceflow. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Data Types

Calixa structures data in a way that should be familiar to teams with experience using the modern SaaS tools we integrate with.

Users and Accounts

The data model used to power the console relies on two primary entity types: Users and Accounts. Segments, Automations and Actions can all be based on either of these entity types.

The differentiation is simple:

  • Users represent the individual that is interacting with your product, generally tied to an email address.
  • Accounts are the organizations users roll up to.


User <> Account Relationship

Users can be associated with 0, 1 or many accounts depending on the nature of your product. For example if Slack were using Calixa, the user [email protected] would be associated with the accounts “Calixa”, “PLG”, and my friend’s account “FunChats”. However a new Calixa employee might only be associated with the “Calixa” account.


Properties are attributes that define the specifics of an Account or User. They are sent to Calixa via your connected integrations, our API, or generated by us.

A user property describes the individual. It could be something related to their journey, like when they were first seen or more categorical like their job role.

An account property describes the organization users belong to. Account properties commonly consist of CRM data like owner, segment, or whether the account is paying.

Example default and custom propertiesExample default and custom properties

Example default and custom properties


Metrics are numerical attributes that are calculated from the data Calixa has received over a time range that you specify. We dynamically populate your console with metrics based on what integrations are enabled. Product usage in last 24 hours, conversations in last 30 day, failed charges in the last 90 days, users added all time and arbitrary event counts are just a few examples of metrics Calixa computes.

Sort by metrics dropdownSort by metrics dropdown

Sort by metrics dropdown

What’s Next

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