Get alerted about important account activity

Calixa allows you to send Slack alerts so that your sales team never misses out on a new lead or a customer that needs attention. You can send alerts to both Slack channels and direct messages to users. Calixa is even smart enough to use account ownership from your CRM to automatically route the alert to the right sales rep.

How to Configure the Integration

You can connect Slack from the Alerts Page. Select Create Alert and then choose Slack as the alert type. Once you log in, you will be ready to start pushing alerts. You can also add the Slack to your account by going to our Integrations Page and clicking the "Add Integration" button.

Need help integrating?

If you have some questions or need help integrating, don't hesitate to email [email protected]. To learn more about about privacy policy, here's a link to the Calixa Privacy Policy.