The hardest part of a running a product-led company is knowing which customers to focus on. With a high volume of signups, it can be challenging to know who to talk to. Calixa Segments was built to solve this.

Segments lets you create realtime reports that track the customers that matter most. You can filter your users or account by both properties (eg sign up date) and metrics (eg number of support tickets) and then sort by metrics (eg usage). Here are some examples of Segments that are commonly created:

  • Show me the top customers by usage who signed up in the last 30 days
  • Show me which customers who spend over $1000 last month and sent the most support tickets in the last 7 days
  • Show me the top paying customers who had the biggest usage drops
  • Show me which accounts are adding the most users in the last 7 days

The great thing about Calixa is that all these metrics are automatically generated for you from the apps you connect. Even better, all your Segment event traffic is also turned into metrics. You can even send custom events or metrics to our API.

How to Create Segments

You can create segments in a few easy steps:

  1. Select a default "Users" or "Accounts" Segment
  2. Add whatever filter criteria you want. You can string together as many as you need.
  3. Pick the metric you want to sort by. We'll order the list by this metric and also calculate rates of change for you.
  4. Save the Segment for future reference.

If there are any columns you want to add or remove from the resulting list, that's easy too. Just click on the "Add Column" text to show a new column.

Sorting is a breeze too. Let's say for example you wanted to sort by the change percentage and not the absolute value, just click on the "Change" in the table header.

And as with anything in Calixa, when you find a particular user or account you want to deep dive on, just click on them. And you'll see complete view of their account.