Segment makes it easy to sync your Accounts and Users with Calixa. By linking your account, identify, track, and group Segment calls that contain Account or User data will be processed by Calixa. It removes the need for you to integrate directly with the Calixa API.

Calixa recommends using the Segment B2B Spec for sending account lifecycle events. Calixa supports Segment B2B spec events. Here are some examples:

To link Segment, go to the Integrations Page in Calixa, click on the Segment logo, and then follow the steps. You'll be prompted to sign in to your Segment account to grant access to Calixa.

Identify Calls

Segment identify calls are sent to Calixa as an identify event. The first time Calixa sees identify for a user, it will create a user record in Calixa. Any further calls for the same user will update the user record. Calixa currently supports the following: userId, email, firstName, and lastName.

analytics.identify('userId123', {
  email: '[email protected]',
  firstName: 'John'.
  lastName: 'Doe'

Group Calls

Group calls are sent to Calixa as a group event. A group call is another way to create an account or associate a user with an account within Calixa. We recommend using the B2B spec above if you haven’t already implemented group. Currently supports the following traits: groupId, name, and website

  'type': 'group',
  'groupId': '0e8c78ea9d97a7b8185e8632',
  'traits': {
    'name': 'Acme Inc',
    'website': '',
    'plan': 'enterprise'