Types of Scores

Scores quickly show which users or accounts you should be talking to. They are great because they include multiple properties into a single summarized metric.

Scores are used to define product qualified leads. Product qualified leads consist of who the customer is and what they’ve done in your product. With Calixa, you can customize these two major components of PQL scoring.

  • Customer Fit Score
  • Product Usage Score

These scores apply to both users and accounts.

Product Usage Score

Product usage scores help you identify your customers’ product intent. You can add conditions of what high fit, medium fit, and low fit product behavior looks like in users and accounts.

For example, you could say high fit accounts have added more than 5 users in a week and created more than 3 projects in the last 30 days.


Each purple box is a “condition group.” Condition groups use “OR” logic to string together multiple distinct scoring criteria.

Note: You don’t need to set all of the usage levels. If you want, you can set only High, for example.

Customer Fit Score

Customer fit scores ensure that the user or account falls within your ideal customer profile. These are based on demographics such as company size and geographic location.

For example, let's say your target market includes companies with over 100 employees, that have raised more than $10M, and based in the US, CA, or UK.


Viewing Scores

Once you have your Scoring setup, they're useful in Views when prioritizing who to speak with. You can also click on the column name to sort by the scores.