New Account Setup

When you sign up, follow the self-serve onboarding to complete these 5 steps. If you still need to create an account, you can do so here. That's everything you need to get going!

1. Welcome to Calixa

Enter your company name.

2. Connect Customers

Select the source that we should use as your primary User and Account model. Users are the individuals who use your product and Accounts are the companies they work for. By telling Calixa about them, we can create easy ways for you to view, search, and take action on them. You can learn more about the Calixa data types here.

3. Connect Your Sources

Calixa has built integrations to 3rd party platforms which sync your customer data so there's no engineering work required by your team. Select which sources you use and if necessary invite an admin to connect them. Your data will be flowing in a matter of minutes. Learn more

4. Invite Team

Invite other folks that spend their day working with customers!

5. Complete Setup

Now its time to kick back for a minute while Calixa gets your data ready. In the meantime, click on the link below to take a look at the next tutorial or schedule time with our onboarding team for some tips and tricks on becoming a Calixa pro.