Product Usage Scoring (old ver.)



For companies transitioning to Product-led Growth, quickly finding your most active users and surfacing them to your sales team is a great first step.

With Product Usage Scoring in Calixa, you can do just that. You can create a Product Usage Score for both Users and Accounts.

How to Create a Score

When creating a score you can use both Properties and Metrics to define your high usage accounts and users.

To create a score:

  1. Start by clicking on Scoring in the navigation.
  2. Click “+Add Condition” to add either a Property or a Metric to your scoring criteria.
  3. If you want, click “+Add Condition Group” to add a new group of properties or Metrics that can also define a usage level. Condition groups use “OR” logic to string together multiple distinct scoring criteria.
  4. Click Save.

You don’t need to set all of the usage levels. If you want, you can set only High, for example.

Viewing Scores in Users and Accounts

Once you save your score, Calixa will start calculating which Users or Accounts meet the criteria. This will show up in the User or Account Segments view as the column “Product Usage”. The initial calculation can take up to an hour, but updates afterwards should be almost real time.