Playbook Automation System

What is the Playbook Automation System?

Playbooks enable reps to act fast on PQLs through clear suggested next steps provided by sales leadership. They help reps understand best practices for different types of PQL conversions.


Create a Playbook

Go to Playbooks and click “Create Playbook.”

Each Playbook has instructions (the text) and Actions (the buttons). The instructions are high-level guidance on what to do, while the Actions enable reps to easily perform those tasks.

Imagine reaching out to free users who have tried your paid feature. That Playbook can be a feature-specific email, with a meeting link as a call-to-action. You can easily showcase that email as part of your instructions:


For follow-up actions, in this example a rep will add the user to the Salesloft cadence and create a HubSpot deal. Calixa helps reps save time by pre-filling user and account information into your apps.

Use a Playbook

To use a Playbook, create an Alert trigger as you normally would. Once you’ve completed the trigger section, choose the Playbook option as your alert.


Then pick one of your existing Playbooks or create a new Playbook.

Viewing Playbooks

Playbook alerts show up in your team’s Inbox. The Inbox replaces traditional email or Slack alerts with a dedicated task management system in Calixa. Reps can mark items as Open, Completed, or Archived.


Click on “Owner” to filter the Inbox based on account owners.