Plays & Deal Inbox

What is a Play?

A Play enables reps to act fast on PQLs through clear suggested next steps provided by sales leadership. They help reps understand best practices for different types of PQL conversions.

Create a Play

Go to Playbook and click “Create Play.”

Each Play has instructions that provide reps with high-level guidance on what to do. Calixa's Actions enable reps to easily perform those tasks.

Imagine reaching out to free trial users who have tried your premium feature. That Play can be a feature-specific email, with a training session as a call-to-action. You can easily showcase that email as part of your instructions:

For follow-up actions, in this example a rep will add the user to the Outreach sequence and create a Salesforce deal. Calixa helps reps save time by pre-filling user and account information into your apps.

Run a Play

To use a Play, create an Alert trigger as you normally would. Once you’ve completed the trigger section, add a Play to your alert.

Deal Inbox

Plays show up in your team’s Deal Inbox. The Deal Inbox replaces traditional email or Slack alerts with a dedicated task management system in Calixa. Reps can mark items as Starred, Done, or Dismissed.

The Deal Inbox is organized by User and Account-based alerts. These alerts will roll up into the respective users and accounts - so each user or account can have multiple alerts.

Alerts have the option to include a Play, which reps can simply click into.

After reading the play, reps can take Actions directly from the Deal Inbox. These Actions occur at the same level of the alert (user-level, account-level, etc.).

You can sort the Deal Inbox by individual plays on the left-hand side.

Setting Up the Deal Inbox

If you have Admin or Manager permissions, you can manage how the Deal Inbox appears to reps. Go to the Inbox settings to set default view columns and default ownership filters.

For example, you can add user paywalls and account employee counts into the default columns. You can set the ownership filter to automatically show reps the accounts they own.