How to Configure the Integration

To add Outreach, go to the Integrations Page in Calixa, click add integration, then click on the Outreach logo, and follow the steps. You'll be prompted to log into your Outreach account to grant access to Calixa.



You will need to be an Outreach admin to complete the initial integration process. Each Calixa user that will be using Outreach actions is required to link their own Outreach account from the Integrations Page.

Once complete, Calixa will begin backfilling Outreach cadence data. You can view and filter on this data by selecting Outreach from any of the console's property selectors.

These properties can be included in your segments as well.

Outreach Actions

The Outreach integration allows you to add a user to an existing cadence from the user actions dropdown.

After selecting "Add to sequence" you will be prompted about which cadence you would like them to be added to.

Outreach Automations

You can also choose to automatically add PQLs into Outreach sequences. First, go to the Automations page in Calixa. Next, set up the trigger with your PQL criteria. Lastly, select the Action “Add to sequence” and choose a sequence.