Journey View


What is Journey View?

Journey View is designed to automatically assess where users and accounts are in the activation lifecycle. This context ensures that outreach is relevant and drives more conversions.

A Journey View is made of milestones that track key stages in your customer activation funnel. Find who is ready to buy, who got stuck in onboarding, who's an internal advocate and everything in between.

You can view these milestones at the user or account level:

Examples of User Milestones

  • New signups
  • First key actions (depending on the PQL)
  • Invited team members

Examples of Account Milestones

  • New accounts
  • New users added
  • Pro Plan threshold reached

These milestones can be leveraged throughout Calixa, such as in Views and Alerts.

Configure Journey View

Create your first Journey View by setting up milestones. Simply set up the criteria you see users go through.

Below is part of an example Journey View you can make. For even more inspiration, check out the full example walkthrough.

Milestone #1: Recent Signups

The first milestone for almost all product-led, freemium, or self-serve companies is the signup. It’s easy to see recent signups.


Milestone #2: First Key Actions

After, you create a milestone for key actions taken in the product. This helps you track user activation.


If you ever forget anything, don’t worry! Edit your milestones anytime.


Filter Journey View

Journey View can be filtered by any property. For example, it’s often handy to filter by Owner.


Using Journey in Lists

Once Journey View is set up, you’ll be able to see the User or Account Journey from your PQL lists. Simply click ‘Add Column’ to the View.


You can also filter based on milestones in List View. For example, let’s see who qualifies for our pro plan.


Using Journey in Alerts

Want to get notified about important milestones? Head on over to Alerts & Automations and set your condition to include the specific milestone.


What’s Next

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