Dashboard Types

Organization Dashboard

From your Global view, when you navigate to the dashboard page, you will see aggregate data for all users and accounts on the platform.

Account Dashboard

Once you have navigated to a specific account, you will find a dashboard with metrics and other data specific to that account.


Each Calixa user can customize their own dashboards. Customizations to the dashboard change the layout for that type. For example, customizing the Acme Corp account dashboard will also update the layout of the Big Widgets Co account dashboard, for that Calixa user. The Organization Dashboard has an independently customizable layout.

Filters can be applied within the User, Conversation, Invoice, etc. cards. These filters also carry over from one account dashboard to another.

Add a Card

Cards can be added to display any metric that Calixa computes or collections of other entities like users, invoices, conversations, etc.

Manage Cards

You can also customize the layout of the dashboard by clicking "Manage Cards" then dragging around or removing cards from the layout.