Calixa Chrome Extension


What is the Calixa Chrome Extension?

Calixa’s Chrome Extension allows you to run your Product-Led Sales motion anywhere. You can quickly access Calixa alongside your favorite tools to understand how customers are using your product.

Right now, this extension auto-detects the accounts and contacts you see in Salesforce or HubSpot. You can instantly see where these customers are in their product adoption journey, which eliminates the need to constantly switch between tools.

See below on how to get started!

Step One: Install the Calixa Chrome Extension

Head on over to Calixa’s Chrome Web Store page. Click “Add to Chrome.” Then it will ask for basic permissions. Continue by clicking “Add extension.”

Step Two: Log into Calixa

For the Chrome Extension to work, you need to log into Calixa. You can skip this step if you are already logged in.

Step Three: Open the Extension

Open the extension with the puzzle piece icon on the top right of your browser. After clicking on the Calixa icon, the extension will activate and you’ll see a sidebar pop up.


Step Four: View Users and Accounts

You’re all set! Go to any page and access Calixa. And if you ever want to deep dive into an account, you can choose to click "View in Calixa."