What are Automations?

Automations allow you to execute Actions (e.g. Salesforce task creation) at scale. This saves you the work of having to perform Actions on users or accounts one-by-one. As a result, reps get more time spent selling.

Create an Automation

Click ‘Create Automation’ and fill out the Automation trigger much like you would for Alert triggers. This is the event you’d like to act on. Then, choose what Action you’d like to automate.

For example if your trigger was for a usage increase, you can automate the process of creating a Salesforce task.


The Automation will fire the first time a user or account reaches the conditions threshold.

Custom Webhooks

In addition to default Calixa Actions, you can also use Automations to trigger custom webhook actions. The following elements of the webhook can be configured:

  • Webhook URL
  • Payload key/value pairs
  • Request headers
  • HTTP Basic Auth
  "app": "calixa",
  "automation_name": "Account Growth",
  "automation_id": "auto_76249708fdsfsa322",
  "automation_type": "metrics_based",
  "calixa_entity": {
    "entity_type": "user",
    "account_ids": [
    "name": "Mr. PLG",
    "id": "ou_6c32fd94",
    "email": "[email protected]"
  # custom values
  "source": "calixa",
  "type": "internal"