Automations (old ver)

Automations enable you to send email or Slack alerts to your team about events or metrics from any connected integration.

Default Automations

When you create a Calixa account, we give you some example alerts that can be enabled after specifying the desired destination (Slack or email). Feel free to tailor these to you preference.


Default alerts

Event-based Automations

You can send alerts to your team whenever key events happen. This allows you to stay informed of your customer's most important actions, proactively reach out and get ahead of issues before they become problems. Some examples of popular alerts are:

  • When a charge fails
  • When an invoice is paid
  • When a new account signs up
  • When a new opportunity closes
  • When a customer encounters an error

Metric-based Automations

You can also send alerts based on the metrics that Calixa computes. These alerts empower customer teams to act when it matters:

  • Find growing teams
  • Spot usage spikes
  • Optimize upgrades
  • Identify champions
  • Offer preemptive support
  • Get ahead of billing issues


If several customers trigger the notification, we bundle them and give you a link to view the full list in our console.


Frequency configuration

Our customers often experience periods of significant growth, which means these automations could be triggered quite often.

To ensure that you only receive a notification once in a given time period, simply select a "Max notification frequency" you are comfortable with.


Suppression logic

It's worth noting that the limit is per user or account. This means that if you are building a user-based automation, selecting once per day will notify you of each user that qualifies, but only once a day for that user.


In addition to email and Slack alerts, you can also use Automations to trigger webhook alerts. The following elements of the webhook can be configured:

  • Webhook URL
  • Payload key/value pairs
  • Request headers
  • HTTP Basic Auth

Webhook configuration

  "app": "calixa",
  "automation_name": "Account Growth",
  "automation_id": "auto_76249708fdsfsa322",
  "automation_type": "metrics_based",
  "calixa_entity": {
    "entity_type": "user",
    "account_ids": [
    "name": "Mr. PLG",
    "id": "ou_6c32fd94",
    "email": "[email protected]"
  # custom values
  "source": "calixa",
  "type": "internal"