What are Alerts?

Alerts help you stay on top of incoming PQLs. You can include information about the PQL for added context.

If you need inspiration, check out this post for examples of meaningful alerts at both the user and account level.

Types of Alerts

There are three types of alerts to choose from.

  • Slack alerts can be sent within channels and direct messages. You can have a fixed direct message recipient—or allow the direct messages to adjust according to who the account owner is.
  • Playbook alerts are found within Calixa’s Inbox. You get task management capabilities and can view suggested next steps from leadership.
  • Email alerts are sent as typical emails with customizable subject and body.

Alert Triggers

All alerts start with a trigger—which is a set of criteria. When this criteria is met, it kicks off the process of sending you a PQL alert.

Creating an alert trigger is simple. You just need to decide if…

  • Do I want to be notified about a User or an Account?
  • Does the PQL reach a threshold (a number of events) or perform a single action?

Alert Frequency

Once you have the message ready, you can manage how often you'll receive the notification for that particular customer. For instance, maybe you want to limit receiving a notification when an account is growing to once per month. You set that limit under Alert Max Frequency.'